Administrative Officer – Vacancy

Town of Stamford Seeks Part-time Zoning Administrator.  The Zoning Administrator provides assistance to individuals who intend to develop their property by providing the forms needed to obtain municipal permits, and by directing applicants to contact the state’s regional permit specialist for necessary state permits. The Zoning Administrator is also responsible for referring complete applications to the Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Adjustment when necessary. The Zoning Administrator issues building and zoning permits and must literally administer the town’s Zoning Bylaws. The Zoning Administrator is not authorized to permit any development that does not conform to the Bylaws. The Zoning Administrator also enforces Bylaw violations and is responsible for providing the Town Clerk with notices of permits, denials and zoning violations for recording.   The successful candidate should be knowledgeable in building construction, must be able to follow the law literally and apply the Zoning Bylaws to all residents without favoritism. This position requires confidentiality and the ability to meet deadlines.  Diplomacy, grit and the ability to develop a good rapport with townspeople are desirable qualities for the Administrative Officer.  The Planning Commission reserves the right to continue to advertise this position until it is filled.  The Town of Stamford is an equal opportunity employer.  Send cover letter and resume to the Planning Commission Chair, Aaron Malachuk, at 986 Main Road, Stamford, VT 05352, or by email to