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Comprehensive Zoning By-Law - City of Thorold

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 9 member board responsible for updating the Town Plan and the Zoning By-laws.

Current Planning Commission members serving are:

  • Maura Hawkins
  • Debra Burchard
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Kurt Gamari
  • Jenifer Hughs
  • Sheila G. Lawrence
  • Aaron Malachuk
  • Daniel J. Potvin
  • David L. Saldo

Zoning ByLaws 10-23-2020        Village Center Designation Map 8-2022       Zoning Map      Town Plan 2017

Agenda for next Planning Commission meeting:  

    Planning Commission Agenda 5-8-23

Prior Meeting Minutes:

zoning by-law - Bing images